A long time ago, roughly 3 hurricanes and countless nor’easters, Long Beach Island’s original boardwalk was lost to the sea. It was around 2003 that we decided to bring that back in spirit. A boardwalk is everything you love about childhood. Every memory with those you love. Our little shop has all the things you need to make your vacation exactly what it should be. Bicycles. Beach gear. Ice cream. From Saturdays to sundaes, we’ve got you covered.

This summer presents itself as a bit of a challenge, in order to follow all government imposed guidelines please follow the below procedures for renting equipment with us. Thank you for your patience . All Rental items must be pre-ordered online or phone (609) 492-3298. 

• There will ne no surreys or tagalong rentals this season

• Bicycles will remain stored in rear parking lot until rented

• Appointments are required for the pick up and drop off of rental items

• Due to the sanitizing process, we are not allowing hourly rentals

• When picking up equipment and returning equipment, patrons must wear a mask, and limit the amount of people coming into contact with our employees. (No more than two people in back parking lot at a time

• Social Distancing is a requirement

• All rental equipment will be cleaned and sanitized in accordance with CDC and DOH guidelines after each use.

                                          hour         day        3-day      week

Coaster Bike              12        25       50        63

7-spd Coaster Bike     15       28       60        73

Tandem Bike             20       40       68        92

Adult Trike                15        40        68        92

Trail-a-Bike                20       40       69        92

Baby Tagalong          20       40       69        92

Child Carrier              15        30       58         73

Helmets                        1         5         10         12

Trail-a-Bike (alone)               25        49        60

Baby Tagalong (alone)         25        49        60

                                       Day        Week

Beach Chair          10       20 

Umbrella               15        45

To keep your balance you must keep moving

Our trusty bike mechanics are available daily for all your basic repair needs. The bikes at the beach can take a bit of a beating but we can get you back on the road, lickety split.

Coaster Bike

Tune Up
$ 30
  • Chain Degreaser
  • Brake Check
  • Tire Check

Brake & Speeds

$ 50
  • Brake Pads
  • Cable Check

Tire Repair

Enter your description
$ 13 plus materials
  • Tubes $5.29
  • Tires $18.99

Home of All Your Summer Favorites

From Sundaes to Saturdays, our little ice cream shop has you covered. No where on the Jersey Shore have you experienced the childhood joy of our glutinous treats. From gourmet milkshakes stacked high with cookies and candy, to our World Famous Blotation device, everyday we serve up a little piece of joy. As we enter an, interesting, summer 2020 things will be a little different.


Closed for the season
See you in May!

The Boardwalk LBI

2306 South Bay Avenue
Beach Haven, NJ 08008
(609) 492-3298